01 Dr. Specter (ft. Julie Amadeo)
02 In the middle of now here
03 No body (ft. Julie Amadeo)
04 Say no to red lights (ft. Julie Amadeo)
05 Breaking trains (ft. Elephant Pixel & Julie Amadeo)
06 Flok one (ft. MGO)
07 Ink drone
08 Once upon (ft. Elephant Pixel & Julie Amadeo)
09 Picked from the chaos (ft. Julie Amadeo)
10 Blindsquare (ft. Julie Amadeo)
11 By the way

Label: Igloo Pop
Format: Digital + CD
Get it: Beatport

It took me more than a year to make this album. The music was mainly built with synths and some overprocessed guitars. The artwork was made by Pedro Perelman. Vocals and additional production on some of the tracks by Julie Amadeo, Elephant Pixel, and MGO.